NLP Carolinas was created to provide cozy, intimate, experiential retreats for personal transformation and wholeness. 


Mission of NLP Carolinas: To improve people's lives, by helping them access their power to develop their most authentic selves.


Vision of NLP Carolinas: To provide the highest quality  personal transformation retreats, to heal relationships within and with each other, through transformational communication, based on foundational principles of respect and connection, so we can enjoy an authentic and supportive community.


Values of NLP Carolinas: Honesty, Integrity, Respect, Safety, and Connection.

Hi, I'm Kathleen Shannon

Founder of NLP Carolinas



Thank you for stopping by. It's great to see people like us who are ready for the personal transformations that can only come about through deeper connections.

Because of this, I saw a need for high quality personal transformation experiences, and I founded NLP Carolinas.

You know how we can sometimes get stuck in a rut? Or maybe we want to try something new, but something holds us back? There is a way that makes change a lot easier, and longer-lasting.

My mission is to provide small, intimate, experiential retreats for personal transformation and wholeness. Because these retreats are based on foundational principles of respect, connection, and compassion, in a supportive environment, people are experiencing deeper healing, in a way that is easy and holistic, and in a supportive community that is full of awesome people, just like you.

Frequently Asked Questions