Core Transformation Weekend Getaway


Experience a cozy retreat, offering deep healing and a reset on your nervous system.  

This is the workshop that brings about personal transformation naturally.


Discover a more organic way of healing, that has lasting benefits because this way of working integrates your head sense, felt sense, and gut sense.


I invite you to get away from the city to a secret oasis in the mountains.

Experience Your Core Transformation Weekend Getaway NOW for $797


You need both the time and the space away from other demands to get clear on your deeper values.


This will be a small gathering of soulful people, who are seeking a community of kindred spirits.


Move beyond inner conflict and inner struggle and into experiencing alignment with your deepest self.

What is Core Transformation?


The Core Transformation process offers an integrative, holistic, and graceful way to change unwanted thoughts, feelings, and habits, and achieve personal goals you once thought unattainable. This approach helps us develop and evolve as human beings, in all key domains of our lives: spiritual, physical, emotional, career and/or community contribution, intellectual, environmental, and social.


Have you ever consciously decided on a goal or resolution to change a thought, emotion, or habit, only to find yourself still doing the same thing?  Most of us have; we're human. Many times, when people fail to reach a goal, they feel shame or guilt, and almost as a result of this, they find their measure of self-respect decreasing.


Imagine if there were an easier way to change that actually increased your self-respect in the process.


Unlike many self-help methods, Core Transformation is not about will-power, discipline, or positive thinking. It’s a natural, easy process that connects us with our core self to facilitate lasting change. Core Transformation helps us to respect ourselves more fully, to move beyond inner conflict and inner struggle, into experiencing alignment with our deepest self.


The elegance of this approach is in its systemic nature. What is good for one part of you, or one of your life domains, needs to be good overall, for the whole of your life.

This means not only good for one domain or one period of time, but to have a solid measure of sustainability over time, and a synergistic effect on all of your domains at once.

There are countless stories of people who have gone headlong into the pursuit of a given goal or outcome in a given part of their life, only to have this "success" in reaching this goal or outcome have adverse effects on other parts of their lives.


The Core Transformation method takes a more holistic, or ecological perspective, making sure that the whole you can sustain health and a sense of well-being, over time and context.

What people are saying

Core Transformation takes us beyond assumed boundaries, into the virgin territories of the self–a place of greater courage and love, into the well-being of authenticity, the core of being. Dan Millman, author, The Way of the Peaceful Warrior and The Life You Were Born to Live.

“Core Transformation quickly takes you to the core of your being. What a powerful and simple gift! I highly recommend it to anyone wanting to achieve higher states of love, peace and joy.”  Jack Canfield, author, Chicken Soup for the Soul

"Core Transformation offers a profound way to touch the depths of our own soulfulness. I had an immediate and deep experience of self-love with it."  John Bradshaw, author, Healing the Shame that Binds You, Homecoming and Creating Love

" To me, your success is personal. You’re not in this alone. This is why my retreats are very small, so you can get the personal kind of attention that is needed for deeper healing and wholeness."


Experience Your Core Transformation Weekend Getaway NOW for $797

Research Supports its Effectiveness

An article published in the Journal of Counseling & Development in 2019 by Dinesh Braganza, PhD and his colleagues examined the clinical efficacy of Core Transformation on symptom experience and psychological growth. The results over the total 8-week study period indicated significant, moderate overall effect sizes for symptom experience, emotional stability, affect balance, global well-being, and purpose in life. 

Another article (2015) for the Journal of Religion and Health (also by Dinesh Braganza, PhD and Ralph Piedmont, PhD) indicated the effectiveness of Core Transformation in reducing symptom levels and improving overall spiritual wellbeing.

Check out those who have experienced this Process

In less than 20 minutes, I had a felt sense of Joy that made everything else make sense.


It now makes more sense to address "problem" habits, rather than trying to "get rid of them."


This process is truly transformational. I experienced profound resolution.


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Your Core Transformation Weekend Getaway awaits

Limited spaces available to give you the personal attention you deserve for this profound experience.

Experience Your Core Transformation Weekend Getaway NOW for $797
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