Aligning Perceptual Positions Workshop

Please do join us on

February 10, 2024.


We start at 10:00 am and end at about 4:00 pm on February 10, 2024.


What if there were a way to heal all of your relationships (past and present), in a way that makes sense, on all levels of your being?

When you participate in this training, you will gain some of the critical skills of expert communicators, which means that you can finally experience higher quality relationships, both personal and professional.

Rather than resort to extremes with how we relate to each other (exclude or eliminate people OR sacrifice ourselves and our values to "people please"), this method has within its approach, a more honest and respectful way of healing relationships by getting a better, more authentic perspective.

These skills have been researched by relationship experts, including Drs. John and Julie Gottman, and show that they are highly effective in repairing relationships on personal, professional, and/or community levels. You will be free to live in your relationships in a more healthy, egalitarian, and balanced way, and enjoy long-lasting results.

$297.00 USD

Although this is a personal transformation event, and profound changes can happen, this is NOT psychotherapy, NOR group therapy. 

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