Experience a workshop that brings about personal clarity naturally.


Would you like to discover a more organic way of aligning your intentions with a way that meets the needs of your deeper values? 

This workshop can show you a way that has lasting benefits because this way of working integrates your head sense, felt sense, and gut sense.


Have you ever had the dilemma of "I can't decide?"


Many of us have; we are human, after all.  

What if there were a way to avoid choosing the wrong thing, prevent distraction, and "just settling?"  What if there were a way to reach your goals, in a way that made sense, on all levels of your being, so you don't ever have to wonder "what if..." ever again? 

I invite you to experience this within a fun and experiential one-day workshop, called Soul Ecology.

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What is Soul Ecology?


Soul Ecology encompasses experiential exercises, where we get into deeper states of mind and body to explore our own personal deeper values and beliefs.

Based on key concepts of both positive psychology and neuroscience,  Soul Ecology helps you to ask yourself more meaningful questions of your life, so that you can experience your personal answers first-hand, in a safe and intimate setting, to discover your ultimate higher intentions.

When you learn this new way, you avoid repeating old ways of responding with unhelpful actions or distractions, beating yourself up, and feeling guilty. You become free to live in a more healthy, honest, and balanced way, and enjoy long-lasting results.


Learn a unique and holistic way of working to discover and align yourself with your highest values.


Develop deep and authentic focus to achieve your goals.



Finally experience a profound sense of wholeness, that is long-lasting.


You’re just a few steps away from being more fulfilled.

Please do sign up today and experience a deeper sense of well-being, wholeness, and presence.

What you'll learn


  • a way to make wiser decisions
  • a way to align your values for your personal wholeness
  • a way to make small changes that make the difference you've been wanting
Check out those who have experienced this Process

In less than 20 minutes, I had a felt sense of Joy that made everything else make sense.


It now makes more sense to understand "problem" habits, rather than trying to "get rid of them."


This process is truly transformational. I experienced profound resolution.


From Kathleen:

" To me, your success is personal. You’re not in this alone. This is why my retreats are very small, so you can get the personal kind of attention that is needed for deeper healing and wholeness."


Experience Soul Ecology NOW
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Come and experience Soul Ecology.



Experience Soul Ecology One-Day Getaway
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